Frontline Truth-telling on Vaccines

Research by Health Freedom Ireland suggests a connection between a recent surge in mortality in nursing homes and the vaccination rollout beginning in mid-January. The case is ominous and plausible.

The data and graphs linked here, prepared by Health Freedom Ireland, would in a functioning democracy be sufficient to bring the current lockdowns to an end, to dissipate all claims of an ongoing pandemic, and prompt a root-and-branch investigation of NPHET, the HSE, and members of the current government and its predecessor, as well as a total review of the nursing homes industry, which has been the locus of significantly more than half the deaths attributed to Covid-19 over the past 14 months. 

The Health Freedom Ireland (HFI) research presents data from 60 nursing homes during 2020 and the months of January and February of the present year. This is just a fraction (about one in ten) of the officially recognised nursing homes in Ireland, but the 60 implicated homes appear to account for the preponderance of the additional deaths reported for the months of January and — in particular — February 2021. The 60 homes featured appear to have suffered more than 400 deaths above and beyond the normal even for a typical winter flu season, and this figure would seem to account for roughly 50 per cent of the apparent excess of deaths being claimed for January/February 2021. HFI conducted a study of 10 selected nursing homes in which there had been a dramatic rise in deaths since late January 2021. The graphs and data show an unmistakable correlation between the explosion of mortality and the rollout of vaccination in these homes from mid- to late January 2021. 

The HFI summary notes:

‘It has been brought to our attention that there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in deaths of nursing home residents since approximately mid-January. Having looked at the data further we believe this needs to be investigated by the relevant authorities urgently.

‘On Tuesday 9th March 2021 we notified this situation by email and registered letter to the Taoiseach, Minister for Health, HSE, HIQA and HPRA.’

Failing to receive any adequate responses, HFI then wrote, on March 11th, to all TDs and senators, as follows:

‘We wish to make you aware of a very serious rise in the number of nursing home deaths (excess deaths) for the three-week period beginning at the end January 2021. The attached chart (page 3) shows 160 deaths from a selection of just 10 of the 572 HIQA registered nursing homes that we studied during the period mentioned. In comparison there were only a small number of deaths in those same nursing homes during December 2020 and January 2021. Considering the overall reduction in COVID-19 related deaths, hospitalisations and positive PCR tests for the same period, the dramatic rise in deaths gives us great cause for concern. Please refer to the attached graph on page 4 showing data for these key trends.

‘While this sudden unexplained rise in nursing home deaths may be due to a number of factors, we found that the majority of these excess deaths occurred directly after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme for nursing homes and may indicate a serious adverse drug reaction to the vaccine. If an adverse reaction to the vaccinations has contributed to these deaths, it has the potential to adversely affect the health of all Irish citizens due to the planned ongoing rollout to every citizen.’

As outlined, in the HFI letter, the first vaccines were administered in homes on January 11th. Most of the deaths had been attributed to Covid-19, in accordance with standard policy over the past 14 months.   

One remarkable graph, showing the levels of mortality in 60 homes since the beginning of 2020, shows fluctuating totals of approximately 100-200 deaths per two-month period up to the end of 2020.

The summer period, July/August, is the lowest at 96 deaths. January/February 2020 shows 130 deaths. The period March/April 2020, which includes a six-week period in which more than 1,000 people were acknowledged as having died in nursing homes nationally, the data for these 60 homes indicates 185 deaths. November/December 2020 indicates 151 deaths. The two-month period January/February 2021, however, indicates that 557 people died in these 60 homes. This figure is more than four times the burden of the equivalent months in 2020; three times the burden in the period of the alleged peak of the ‘pandemic’ in March/April,2020; and 406 deaths more than occurred in the final two-month period of 2020. 

Other graphs show the particulars of individual nursing homes, indicating the dates of vaccination and the number of deaths that occurred post-vaccination. In the various instances, the number of deaths occurring in January/February 2021 is twice, three times, four times, and in one instance 13 times the average rate of death of any two-month period in 2020. Each one shows that the vast preponderance of the deaths in the January/February period — in several cases all deaths — occurred post-vaccination. 

This is quite remarkable research, and ought to have been published in every newspaper and on every news bulletin in the country. It has been more or less entirely ignored. Were it to be publicised as it merits, it would all but certainly put a stop to the vaccine rollout. 

The HFI research also underlines that, once again, the overwhelming majority of deaths attributed to Covid-19 have occurred in nursing homes. Indeed, the research suggests that the events in the first two months of the current year cause the events of the period March-May of 2020 to recede in significance by comparison.  

Similar concerns were expressed by the UK Medical Freedom Alliance in a letter dated February 5th 2021 to Nadhim Zahawi, UK Minister for Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment and Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The letter expressed a particular concern about ‘the impact of Covid-19 vaccines on the very elderly and those in care homes. ONS [Office of National Statistics] data shows that weekly care home deaths tripled in the two weeks between 8th and 22nd January 2021, at a time when there was a massive increase in the rate of vaccinations of care home residents.’

All this suggests that we have entered Stage 2 of the ‘Covid Project’ — a designation employed by the World Bank and other international agencies. The first phase was dominated by media-generated mass panic; the second is to be driven by what are being termed ‘vaccines’, but in several cases are gene-altering therapies, referred to in the pharmaceutical trade as ‘disease protocols’, which are designed to, in effect, colonise the human immune system and usurp its functions.  


As early as April of last year, the Canadian scientist Professor Denis Rancourt was warning about the ominous connection between lockdown and vaccines: 

‘This [the global lockdown] is being done — we’re being expressly told — in order to circumvent our own natural immunity, in other words, for as long as it takes so that the pharmaceutical industry can develop, test and distribute a vaccine for this coronavirus — in mid epidemic. So this is the first time in medical history that there is a proposal to halt the natural flow of an epidemic in order to be able to develop and market and distribute a vaccine.’

He objected to this for many reasons, including that viruses have ‘co-evolved with living beings, plants and animal, for over four billion years.’ There has been, he said, an ‘intimate and even symbiotic relationship between viruses and human beings, and we’ve always adapted to the genetic shifts of viruses by keeping our immune systems healthy and able to respond and learn the new molecular signatures that it requires to know in order to repel attacks from novel viruses.’ Instead, we are now being asked to put our trust in mRNA technology, by which a vaccine is designed to mimic the immune system, to trigger the kind of response that would have occurred naturally in the vast majority of people had they simply behaved normally. Professor Rancourt warned that there is no guarantee that this will be equivalent to the full immune system response, which is more or less guaranteed to endure in respect of a particular virus for the remainder of a person’s life. No studies had been published which showed an equivalent capacity of vaccines. Vaccination also had known risks: The flu vaccine annually resulted in millions of dollars worth of compensation for side-effects arising directly from the vaccine. 

‘It’s an understatement to say, the science of vaccines, and the long-term effect of circumventing your natural responses to periodically recurring virus development is not known. We don’t know that it’s a good idea or not. We can’t fully appreciate all the intricacies and complexities of that. So I think it’s a reckless experiment.’

At the end of 2020, I published an article on this platform titled The Year of Merciless Killing, based largely on the research of Professor Rancourt concerning other aspects of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’. His research, published in a range of papers he had written alone or with others, focussed on the death spikes of the spring of 2020, in particular a six-week period from the last week in March to the first week in May. 

By Professor Rancourt’s hypothesis, the brunt of the deaths in that period — in numerous jurisdictions right across the world — had resulted from panic and stress arising from the conditions pertaining in nursing homes at the time. 

Rancourt used all-cause mortality to analyse the Covid phenomenon, because excess deaths do not lie. He conducted analyses of mortality data in France, Scandinavia, Canada and the United States, and discovered patterns common to all territories that had not been highlighted by anyone else. His investigations conclusively demonstrated that Covid-19 was in no sense a ‘killer disease’, and that the attendant ‘pandemic’ has not imposed a death burden in any respect out of the ordinary. The spikes in mortality that had occurred in April had, for the most part, been due to the deaths of elderly people, mainly in nursing homes, whose demise had been accelerated or brought forward by intense stress arising from the policies of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and individual governments acting on its instructions. 

In one paper, All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response, published in June 2020, Professor Rancourt notes a statement by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom on March 11th 2020, in which he predicted that the number of cases, deaths and affected countries were about to climb higher. ‘Ready your hospitals,’ he said.

This, said Rancourt, was ‘either the most remarkable public health forecast ever made . . . or something else might explain the sharp peak in all-cause mortality that immediately followed his declaration.’ He postulated that the patterns of the ‘Covid peaks’ —  their unnatural height, sharpness and narrowness, their consistency across multiple jurisdictions — resulted from ‘an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus, irrespective of the degree to which the virus is novel from the perspective of viral speciation.’

He concluded:

‘And it happened in exact coincidence and time everywhere. In every jurisdiction that sees this anomalous, unnatural peak . . . the peak started exactly when the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation. And the World Health Organisation at that time recommended states prepare their hospitals for a huge influx of people with critical conditions.

‘So, the government response to that World Health Organisation recommendation is what killed people, what accelerated the deaths. You can see that in the data, and you can also understand it in terms of how immune-vulnerable people are affected by these kinds of diseases.’

That was Phase 1. Phase 2, which began here in Ireland in January, 2021, is spearheaded by the vaccine rollout.

Since the vaccines have started to come to market, various other dissident experts, including Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, have warned in graphic terms about the likely effects of in particular the mRNA ‘vaccines’ which both men claim could result in millions of deaths worldwide over the coming years. This article deals with the recent intervention of Dr Geert Vanden Boosche.

The HFI data about care home deaths in January/February 2021 resonates with these interventions and dovetails with many other aspects we have become aware of. Yet, neither the expert testimony of world-renowned specialists, nor the verifiable research of Health Freedom Ireland has been ventilated by the legacy media, which instead publishes or broadcasts daily supposed expositions of ‘conspiracy theories’ by way of diverting the public’s attention from information that might well prove to be life-saving. Another recurring tactic is to appropriate the deaths that occurred in January and February 2021 to refuel the mass panic generators in the hope of duping many more people to unquestioningly accept these potentially lethal vaccines. 

The signs already are that in 2021, there will no longer be the necessity to fake the fear porn: The ‘vaccines’ will do the heavy lifting, and the media’s job will be to ensure that anyone questioning the approved narrative, including groups like HFI, will be demonised, marginalised and silenced. Thus, 2021 will become the Year of the True Pandemic — a pandemic of death by pseudo-vaccine.

Writing in October, 2020 to an American editor who had commissioned me to write an article about Covid, I observed:

‘I have now arrived at a fairly settled view of the matter, having become absolutely certain that all this was set in train by extremely dark forces with a deeply nefarious purpose. I have not yet definitively settled upon an analysis of what that purpose might be, but it has a great deal to do with establishing new forms of control over the populations of Western societies — of that I have no doubt. The vaccine agenda is undoubtedly part of this, as is the plan to use vaccines to require globalised 'health passport' systems which will be used to force people to accept measures that may be deeply damaging to their health.’ 

We should be very afraid, also, of the growing desperation of the plotters who, as their plan reaches its denouement phase, will become more and more frantic as the stakes go higher and the risk of being uncovered becomes, in theory at least, more real. How real that risk becomes is, however, a matter of how many people can manage to see through the deception before it grows too late — for themselves or for the rest of us. 

It is clear that only the rank corruption of the mainstream media, which daily pumps out propaganda focussing on ‘Covid deniers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ in order to deflect attention from its collective criminality, enables this horror show to continue. How long more this will go on is hard to say — the signs are that the politicians, health junta and journaliars will now do almost anything to cover up their criminality for a little while longer. But the Day of Judgement is coming, and it will not be necessary to wait for the next life. One of these days, without anyone noticing, the entries on the charge-sheets against these people may morph, as though osmotically, from Fraud to Genocide.

I have a major favour to ask of you, my readers. If this article interests you, and you believe — as I do — that its content is of vital importance for our future and the continued wellbeing of our friends and family, please share it as far and wide as is within your power. It is of the utmost importance that people be assisted in making informed decisions about what may soon become life-or-death questions, and it is clear that our profoundly corrupted media are no longer interested in facilitating — or indeed permitting — proper discussion and debate.


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