Video: The Road to Good Intentions is Paved with Hell

A discussion with Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice TV about the disintegration of Ireland under the attrition of corporatism and ideological bullying, and what may be the crescendo of the Covid episode.

How did actual fascism creep up on the West while it was busily talking about an imaginary 'populist' kind?

Was it all for nothing, the talk about rights and liberties we listened to and engaged in all our lives?

Is the problem that we have no understanding of evil?

Has lockdown in 2021, finally delivered to us the pandemic that failed to happen in 2020?

In the coming winter, what can the unvaxxed do to protect themselves from the vaxxed?

In a wider frame, how, if we ever escape from the morass in which we find ourselves, can we ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again?

Do the perpetrators of this unprecedented assault on humanity know what they are doing?  Might their ignorance of the human condition be our best hope of deliverance?

And what is to be done, even if we are able to overcome this incipient totalitarian coup?

Mustn't we raze our corrupt institutions to the ground and build back better?  

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