Welcome To New Followers + A Podcast: A Time Slipped Out Of Time

Ancient Greece Revisited is a website exploring the philosophical underpinnings of our civilisation. In this episode I discuss with host Michael Michailidis the current regression to pre-civilisation.

A Time Slipped out of Time

Welcome this weekend to hundreds of new followers who joined us during the week after my latest appearance on the Richie Allen Show. [ For other subscribers, it can be heard here starting at 58.50]

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I was especially pleased with the podcast I’m posting here tonight, a conversation conducted recently with Michael Michailidis, of Ancient Greece Revisited. Michael’s work is generally devoted to exploring the philosophical underpinnings of our civilisation but in this special series of interviews he is discussing the contemporary attacks on the civilisation that began in Ancient Greece nearly three millennia ago.

Is it possible that, for all the ceaseless talk of progress, the epoch of democracy that began in Ancient Greece 2,700 years ago might be about to shudder to a halt in our time, and that a new era of authoritarianism has already begun? When might this new era of regression have been initiated? Did something shift in the psyche of Western humanity, perhaps a decade ago? Or have the roots of this tyranny been worming their way out and down for some time? What might cause whole populations of free people to surrender within days the precious inheritance of liberty accumulated over close on three thousand years? Are we living through a decade that has somehow slipped out of the chronology of time? Have we slipped into the past and begun to drift back towards pre-civilisation?

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