'A Republic — if you can keep it!'

Still searching for words to describe the sorry pass our nations and our world have come to. How did we come to throw it all away?

Hello especially, to all my new followers, who join us in increasing numbers every week now. Many recently came via the Sunday Wire Show with Patrick Henningsen, whose guest i was last Sunday and which I discuss in more detail below. The show broadcasts on US alternative radio station, 21st Century Wire, broadcasting on the Alternative Current Radio Network (ACR).

I’d just like to reassure you all that I’ll have lots of new material coming up in the coming days and weeks, starting with parts 2 and 3 of my Soul of Man Under Scientism series, which I hope to post over the weekend. Part 1 can be accessed here: https://johnwaters.substack.com/p/the-soul-of-man-under-scientism-part

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SUNDAY WIRE with Patrick Henningsen covers the top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour, the show charts the media trajectory of the now official ‘China Virus Lab Leak’ conspiracy theory being pushed by mainstream media and social media pundits, as Western governments search for a convenient scapegoat to distract from the vaccine debacle and the damaged being inflicted due to hysterical government pandemic policies over the last 15 months.

‘Later in the first hour, we’ll connect with Irish writer John Waters, to discuss the march of the ‘New Normal’ agenda in Ireland and the EU, as well as an update on his constitutional challenge in the Irish courts. We also probe the question: why has the dissent against state and corporate tyranny remained so muted over the past year,what does this say about the current state of Western civilization, and why does Covid seem like a Woke virus?’

You can access the Sunday Wire conversation below: (Scroll to panel for Episode #378 — the conversation begins from 27 minutes and continues to approximately 1 hour 40):

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